Board of Directors

Gorman’s board of directors provide insight, leadership, and guidance to ensure all students have a quality public education.


Joshua Stegner


My name is Joshua Stegner. I am a 20-plus-year resident of the Antelope Valley and I have been serving on the GLCN board since 2017. I earned a BA in Christian Ministries from The Masters University in Santa Clarita, CA. I am currently the managing owner of a small manufacturing business and an active member of my local church. I enjoy outdoor activities including backpacking, dirt bike riding, and camping. My wife of 15 years and I are committed to home-educating our 3 children and have enjoyed the relationships, training, and support we have found through enrollment and involvement with GLCN. My goals for the organization include continuing to further job satisfaction among administrators, faculty, and staff, as well as continuing to enable home educators to better achieve the education and enrichment goals they have for their students. My personal goals include being actively engaged in the governance of GLCN and continuing to develop governance skills that will bring value to the organization and community at large.

Erika Alverdi


My name is Erika Alverdi and I have been a resident of the Antelope Valley for 19 years. I am a wife, mother and proud grandmother. My interests include interior design, photography, reading, prayer & worship. I have a huge heart for my community and I love to see when people connect and make a difference. I am the founder and President of a Non-Profit Organization that serves the aged-out foster youth and families at risk of losing their children to the foster care system here in our valley. My husband and I also own an event & travel business. Being a part of the GLCN family has really made a huge difference in the life of our family. Our youngest daughter has been attending there for 5 years and has reaped the benefits of this type of community because of their unique way of providing education without leaving out the importance of human connection. Being on the board of directors will give me an opportunity to really make a difference inside our network and outside in our community.

Dori Burnett


My name is Dori Burnett. I live in Santa Clarita with my two daughters, who are 24 and 12 years old. My background is in public school construction, and I own a business that inspects school facilities. I also own a trucking company. I have a master’s degree in psychology, and I am a PhD candidate in clinical psychology. I chose to serve on the board of the Gorman Learning Charter Network out of a strong belief in a parent’s right to choose the best educational choice for their children. I homeschooled both of my children at different points in their lives and I love the options and flexibility that Gorman provides.