Field Trips

2021-2022 School year

  • The Field Trip program provides students with a wide variety of educational, hands-on learning opportunities throughout Southern California.
  • Families provide transportation to and from our outings and participate in each experience with their student.
  • Gorman and our learning partners provide supplemental learning materials prior to or during our outings
  • Monthly outings are varied in subjects and ages covered to allow for expanded experiential learning that really helps learning “stick”.
  • Some of our fun learning experiences have included whale watching, the LA County Fair, the LA Museum of Art, Legoland, the ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the LA Science Center, and many other wonderful locations.
  • Parents can pick and choose which outings to attend so they can correlate learning to what their student is studying.

Upcoming Field Trips: No field trips are scheduled at this time due to COVID-19/Coronavirus. Please check back later.

E-permission Slip  <—click that link
(required once per school year)

Please note:  Completing the e-permission slip is required once per year for each minor-aged child wishing to attend our outings (including itty bitty infants), but DOES NOT constitute a field trip reservation! 

FOR EACH field trip, please send a separate e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Students’ names and grade level who are wishing to attend
  2. MINOR-aged siblings’ names and ages who are wishing to attend
  3. Parent/custodial guardian name wishing to attend (no extended family)
  4. Contact phone number
  5. PLT name (Personalized Learning Teacher—Gorman Teacher)
  6. Field trip being reserved

CANCELLATIONS:   Please note–If you have to cancel any outing for any reason AFTER the RSVP/Cancellation date, you WILL be required to reimburse Gorman for ALL of your unused ticket fees incurred (including students).

Though we would love to include extended family our field trips are limited to our students, their MINOR-aged siblings, and their custodial parent/guardian.  It is difficult for our destinations to accommodate such a large and varied group as ours so we must respect their requirements, and we must leave our available spots to be used by our students.